Medi-Cal Planning With a Power of Attorney

We’re talking about whether you need to have a power of attorney in order to do medical planning for another person. 

Well, a lot of people call me and say, I have power of attorney and my mom or dad’s in the hospital and they need to get on medical. Can I help them in any way? And I will look at that document and I’ll say, sorry, it doesn’t have the right powers. 

You are out of luck! You have to go to the courts, which takes a whole lot of time and a whole lot of money. It’s expensive. It’s just not something you want to go through, especially when you’re in a dire situation, an emergency situation of needing to get control as quickly as possible for somebody who is incapacitated. 

Well, again, you need to do Medi-Cal planning. You have to have medical powers in your power of attorney. Most if not, I would say 90% plus of these power of attorneys I’ve seen over the years does, do not have these special powers. 

Medical powers allow you to perform medical planning with an attorney on behalf of somebody else, allows you to sign documents that you probably didn’t think you could sign and allows you to move assets into these entities in order to qualify them for government benefits.

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