Who is In – Charge after Death For Burial?

We are going to talk today about who is in charge of disposing of remains when you pass away, of autopsies, of all of the actions necessary with the body of a human being when they pass away. 

Well, that is usually done by the healthcare power of attorney. The person listed in your healthcare power of attorney, as opposed to your power of attorney, which is a whole separate document. 

The healthcare power of attorney usually gives those powers to that person, and they will help and facilitate the situation. Now, if you don’t have one of these documents, do not worry. The law is there, and it’ll go to per law where whoever yours, you might have a wife, you might have a husband and some children, a brother. 

It goes by law, per law as to who’s next in line, but if you wanna choose someone that you know, might be your friend of something, it might be a good idea to include that as your healthcare power of attorney, and put his name or her name down there so that you don’t have these issues.

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