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Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Disputes in Beverly Hills and the Surrounding Areas

Aliav Law handles property disputes between:

Landlords And Tenants

Here at Aliav Law, we represent both landlords and tenants in disputes arising from their relationship. We understand both sides and can easily counsel landlords or tenants based on our experience. Such cases include:

1. Complex Evictions for Landlords

2. Evictions Defense for Tenants

3. Habitability Claims

4. Illegal Unit Representation

5. Settlement Negotiations

6. Mandatory Move-Out Payments and Situations

7. Ellis Act Representation

8. Landlord Harassment

Adjoining Property Owners

Neighboring property owners can have claims against each other. We vigorously represent each side when it comes to the following lawsuits:

1. Specific Performance

2. Non-Disclosure

3. Insurance Recovery / Title Insurance

4. Partition

5. Lease Counseling

6. Commercial Lease Disputes

7. Harassment

8. Quiet Title

9. Tree Cutting Disputes

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