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How Not to go Broke in a Nursing Home...Even if You Think It's too Lake

The Long-Term Care Solution that allows you to protect your money and assets from nursing home expenses while avoiding probate

In This Masterclass You Will Learn...

✔ The step-by-step guide to protecting you or your loved one’s money and assets from long-term care costs

✔ Why procrastination is not a good strategy for relieving the burden of care and ensuring you or your aging loved ones are protected from the despairs of the system

✔ The secret to keeping everything you own while still qualifying for Medicaid

✔ How to promote family harmony knowing your assets are protected for generations to come

✔ Why following “free advice” from the Medicaid office or a social worker could lead to massive damage to your savings

✔ How to avoid critical mistakes when planning for long-term care without losing sleep or being unsure of who to call

And Finally…

✔ How to rest easy knowing you’ve done everything you can and made the best decisions for you and your loved ones

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Meet the Founder

Hello! I’m Liran Aliav, your homeowner's trust attorney.

I help families avoid a collapse after the death or disability of a loved one. I also help your family avoid unnecessary fees and taxes.

When you don’t plan ahead to determine your own desired outcomes about family relationships or business partnerships, I found that the law – basically a total stranger to you – dictates what happens to you personally, what happens to your family and your children, and what happens to your assets.

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