Gifting Assets to Qualify for Medi-Cal – Good Idea?

Should you transfer your assets in order to qualify for Medical or Medicaid? 


Don’t try this at home without proper advice. 

Is there a proper way to do this? Yes. 

What happens if you gift assets to qualify for Medi-Cal Long Term Care improperly? 

You will get penalized depending on the amount you transferred. 

Medi-Cal wants to know what transfers you made (as a gift) for the last 30 months! There is legislation out that wants to increase it to 60 months! 

Each transfer can result in penalties assessed. 

If, for example, you transferred X amount of assets, it could result in a 20-month penalty. This penalty means that for 20 months, no matter what situation you are in, Medi-Cal will not pay a dime for your Nursing Home Care. 

It’s very important to know not to do this without the proper advice. 

The correct way to go about this is Medi-Cal Planning with an attorney practicing in the field. 

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