4 Most Necessary Legal Documents During COVID-19

We’re talking today about the most important documents for you to have given the Covid-19 coronavirus situation. 

The first document that’s most important is power of attorney. Now there’s two types. There’s financial and there’s healthcare. Now you are going to need both of those documents. The Healthcare Power of Attorney is also called the health care directive or power of attorney for health care decisions. It’s the same thing. 

And basically what this does, it prevents the courts from deciding for you who is in charge of your assets and your health care decisions. Most of the time, they will put in a third party neutral, especially if there’s people fighting, and that third party neutral usually has never met your family or has really been in any of your situations. They don’t know the particulars of your situation. 

Now, the second document or the third document, if you’re counting is the HIPAA waiver. The HIPAA waiver allows you to give your medical records to your loved ones. It could be Your wife, your son, daughters, your grandparents, whoever it is that you choose will be able to get those records with a HIPAA waiver. 

And finally, the last thing you want to do is to make a trust, the trust will have provisions in there of what happens upon death or incapacity. And this is again to avoid the courts, the court will have its own law and has its own way of giving/ distributing assets and if that’s not the way you intended it, then too bad you are stuck with it if you don’t have a trust. 

So have those four documents, the most important documents to have at this time. Please reach out to me if you need them, be happy to help you set them up.

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