Where will Kobe Bryant’s Stuff Go?

We’re talking today about where the Kobe Bryant stuff goes. Now, this is going to depend on whether he has a trust, or many trusts or particular kinds of trusts that are irrevocable in nature, but it’s not the point of this video, or if he doesn’t have anything, which some websites suggest. So let’s go through the scenario that he doesn’t have anything. 

If he doesn’t have a wheel and doesn’t have a trust in place, then it will go depending on whether it’s community property or separate property. Now, if Kobe Bryant had a prenuptial agreement, it could be that everything he made while he wasn’t a Laker or through his endorsements, is separate property and if that is the case, then separate property goes one third to his wife and two thirds to his children. 

And now Think about that his children are not of age to get that money yet, so it will probably go to their guardian. And you’d need heavy court battles in order to get to that point. And whether it’s a battle or not, it depends on the facts and circumstances, but you bet they’re going to need to file in the courthouses. show everybody what property they had. 

And in order for it to move to the next person, you need to pay off all the debts and and and then request permission from the courts to do that.

So that’s the process if you don’t have a will, or if you only have a will, you still have to do the same thing only with the will you get to decide who gets it, but you still have to go to court, which is what you’re trying to avoid. Now, with a trust. 

If you had a trust, you wouldn’t have to do any of that right. It will be done privately at a specific location at an attorney’s office. faster, cheaper. And we’ll get it done and go to whoever you put in the trust. And that is probably what you hope he’s done. But given his age, a lot of celebrities and a lot of people of his stature, don’t engage in estate planning, because no one thinks everybody thinks they’re invincible and that’s the sad  reality of the situation.